Japanese Omelette| Dashimaki Tamago

Dashimaki Tamago is a Japanese-style omelet. It is a simple omelet roll flavored with dashi broth.
Usually, dashi broth is made from bonito flakes and kelp, but we use broth made from tuna flakes and kelp.
The tuna broth’s flavor is very subtle and brings out the best of each ingredient used to make the omelet.
This dish contains plenty of tuna dashi broth, so, you can enjoy the soft texture.
Needless to say, this dish goes along well with “Daikon oroshi”, grated radish and soy sauce. You’ll absolutely love the taste.


What is “Sakana meshi”?

“Sakana meshi” is a delivery service provided by Sakana no Shichiho, offering the suggestion of enjoying fish at home with an extra touch. Using the abundant variety of seafood unique to Japan, surrounded by the sea, we hope to help you rediscover the warmth of home-cooked meals and the freshness of freshly made dishes. We aim to provide an experience where you can feel the goodness of “home-cooked meals” by putting in that extra effort.